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Why Understanding Your Personality Is Important

We are all individually unique and incredibly complex.  Our personalities are the pieces to a puzzle that makeup who we are and how we interact with the world.  Getting to know you and your personality opens the door to understanding not only how you communicate but how and why others communicate as well. 

Let me give you an example.  In a hilarious Ted Talk, Dr. Brian Little, a renowned scholar, and professor of personality discusses how extraverts and introverts communicate differently.  An extravert will stand close, engage in a lot of eye contact, and, with someone they've just met, that person will quickly go from Charles to Charlie, to Chuck and then maybe Chuckles.  As an introvert myself, that type of communication is uncomfortable for me to engage in.  I like my space and maintaining eye contact takes conscious effort.  The entire time I'm making eye contact, the mantra going on in my mind is saying: stay focused, don't blink, don't look to the side, maintain eye contact, don't look scared, now you need to blink because it's just weird that you're not blinking,  etc.    It's a bit of a battle.  It's also horrifying as an introvert that someone would start rattling off nicknames for someone they just met, Chuckles?!  However, knowing these traits about myself and others helps me understand people communicate differently and that is ok! 

Even though I am an introvert, I have learned how to project extroverted traits.  Knowing and understanding your personality translates into greater self-awareness and your ability to effectively communicate and manage stress.   

No one will be on this journey with you longer, so take a minute and get to know yourself so you can put together your own beautiful puzzle.  

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