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Success Needs Motivation - Motivation Needs Success

Does the chicken or the egg come first? The age-old question, right? Success and motivation have a similar interdependent relationship. Motivation is dependent upon success and success is dependent upon motivation. Which comes first? I argue that success is the motivator and therefore comes first. However, to take the first step you have to be motivated. And around and around the circle we go. I’m not sure there is a clear answer here but stay with me and think of a time when you've been motivated to do something. Did your motivation stem from seeing others achieve success? If they can do it, you can too, right? What happens to your motivation when success does not follow? Motivation tends to dwindle and frustration sets in. We’ve all been down this road. It’s frustrating to see others achieving success when you are doing the same exact things or following the same exact plan. Why does this happen? Why don’t you see the success that others achieve? Let me explain.

A key component to sustaining the motivation to achieve success is having goals that are right for you and your personality. If you are chasing a goal that isn’t suited for you, you will not achieve the success you desire. The way to find out what goal is right for you is to go down that rabbit hole of asking yourself “why” you want to achieve the goal you want. If you need a refresher go back and read “Why Asking Why Is So Important” a prior issue or you can find it on the website, www.fysfindyourselfie.com on our blog. Once you determine the why behind the goal and find the right goal for you, you will be more motivated. Your motivation will drive you because it speaks to you. You will start to realize your success because the root of the motivation is something you deeply desire. If you went through the “why” exercise and your goal isn’t what you thought it really was, pay attention to that! Don’t go back to that original goal and keep trying to put a round peg into a square hole. Plain and simple, you won’t achieve your goal because that round peg isn’t going into a square hole.

Pay attention to you. Be You not your neighbor, friend, mentor, family member whoever. Just Be You.

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