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Receiving Compliments

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the act of giving someone a compliment is a sincere gesture of gratitude or appreciation. When accepted, both the giver and receiver benefit from the exchange. However, for some, the act of freely receiving a compliment is difficult to do. Good news though, it's not difficult to change your response to accept and acknowledge the compliment.

We've all encountered exchanges where a compliment is given and the receiver responds to the compliment by downplaying it, redirecting attention, or simply disagreeing. In these situations, the receiver of the compliment either doesn't believe the compliment to be true or perhaps believes it would be vain or impolite to accept without redirection. When this happens the communicated message between the giver and receiver gets muddled and unfortunately, it can have a negative impact on the giver. You see, when a compliment is genuine, it is a gift that is given with no expectations in return. When the receiver repudiates it or redirects, that "gift" is essentially rejected. If someone came to you with a gift, would you fold your arms and say no thank you? Of course not and the same goes with a compliment. So what to do to fix it?

When someone gives you a compliment, simply say, "thank you." With that one saying, you are allowing the giver to feel the positive energy of the interaction and you in turn are allowing yourself to be open to accept the gesture. It's really as simple as that.

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