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Psst...I have a secret

Everywhere you turn there are secretly awesome kids around you, just don’t tell anyone. Forget that, I’m telling everyone. Positive role models serve as personal motivators to be the best version of you and today, I’d like to highlight Joshua Wouden, winner of Operation Homefront’s Military Child of the Year. A winner from each branch of the military is selected and each receives $10,000 and a new laptop. With over a million military kids serving in active-duty families, this is an incredibly impressive award. In an article about Joshua’s military family he says, “For example, my dad's now in the Space Force. Being one of the first one thousand, I love bragging about him.” Well Joshua, today, we’d like to brag about you.

Joshua was nominated for this prestigious award to honor him for his volunteerism, leadership, extracurricular activities, and his service to his family. As we all know, there are only so many hours in a day, but Joshua always makes time to help. Joshua’s mom, Joy Wouden, said, “The chance for him to recognize how awesome he is, because everybody tells him how great he is, but I don’t think he sees it in himself. And I think this is his chance to see that all of those things that he does are recognized and valuable.” We couldn’t agree with you more, Mrs. Wouden! There is no doubt teenage years are tough and then pile on all the moving military kids endure. Joshua is harnessing these challenges by working as hard as he can and doing the best he can. For Joshua, he sees the military and their service to others and that example has shown him that he will become the best version of himself through giving service. Joshua, you are an incredible role model. Your example is not one for just military families or kids, it is one for everyone. Regardless of your age, we all face challenges and tough times. It’s during those times of trial when we must dig deep to find the courage to keep motivated to maintain the strength to thrive. So today, Joshua, thank you for being that motivation because you’re right, your hard work will pay off. #Beyou.

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