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Perspective and Perseverance

Dan Jansen was a four-time Olympic speed skater who won world championships and set world records. Yet to the public his speed skating career is marked by heartache. In Jansen's first Olympics he placed fourth. Jansen said, "I was so excited. Then I came home and the reporters were saying, 'That's too bad [about finishing fourth]." At the time, Jansen was 18 and incredibly proud of his accomplishments but he was being judged by others saying essentially it just wasn't good enough. Over the course of Jansen's Olympic career, Jansen struggled to perform when the world was watching. "I trained as hard as I could train, I tried as hard as I could try but what else can you do? Sure it hurts, but it's perspective." said Dan Jansen in a video interview. After multiple attempts at various Olympic Games, he finally and flawlessly crossed the finish line. At that very moment in time his perspective was, "I finally skated to my potential. That's all that I hoped for."

It's all about perspective and perseverance. You know in your heart what your capabilities are and when you reach your max potential. Just like Jansen, don't let others bring you down when you are proud of what you've accomplished and don't quit before your time. The light within you shines bright, keep it burning until you are fulfilled with the success you desire. Keep the perspective and keep persevering.

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