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Never Underestimate the Power of Gratitude

For several years, gratitude has been the trending buzzword sparking an Oprah life class, memes, podcasts, and even dedicated Instagram accounts. Gratitude is a mental state that elicits an emotional feeling of thankfulness. The word gratitude is documented as being used as early as the 1560s. That’s a really long time ago. That doesn’t mean that people living before 1560 couldn’t feel grateful, it just means that was the first time the feeling was documented as what we now know as gratitude or being grateful. Gratitude became a buzzword in recent years because our lives have become so fast-paced and consequently we end up taking things for granted. We also take things for granted that are “normal” for us. What’s normal in one household is not normal in another. Some have food, some don’t. Some have running water, some don’t. Some have 6 cars, some don’t even have one. It’s all relative to your situation in life but a feeling of gratitude remains the constant for everyone and it’s simple to do.

When you practice being grateful, you are pausing to take a mindful moment, to be present, and appreciate events, things, or moments that have occurred around you or to you. So why is Find Your Selfie writing about gratitude? Because studies have shown that expressing gratitude also works to boost your self-esteem! The Journal of Applied Sport Psychology conducted a study in 2014 and found that athletes that exhibited more gratitude had increased their self-esteem. In a Harvard Health publication from 2011, students who wrote about what events in their daily lives they were grateful for, felt better about their lives. I can keep going with the studies, but the takeaway is if you practice being grateful you will see a positive impact upon your well-being as well as your self-esteem.

We are also highlighting gratitude because it drives you to ask yourself the important question, “why?”, which is the single most important question to Find Your Selfie. The practice is one you can start immediately. You can start by showing your appreciation for another’s efforts (big and small) and start acknowledging the positive events that occurred throughout your day (again big and small). Doing this practice puts you directly in the moment and makes you mindful of who and what is around you. If you’re techy, here is a post about some available gratitude apps. If you’re more traditional and prefer to use a pen and paper, we offer our own BE YOU journal. We thought of everything. If you want to dive further into the topic of gratitude and appreciation, Mike Robbins, former MLB player, wrote a book called Focus on the Good Stuff, which can be purchased here and also did a TedX talk back in 2013 that you can watch here. As a reminder, Find Your Selfie, is not an affiliate seller and does not generate any financial profit from the outside links and resources provided! Our goal is for you to Find Your Selfie and Be You…..and tell all your friends about us and get them to subscribe.

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