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Cyberbullying.  People launching nastiness from the safety of their smartphone and sometimes hiding behind unidentifiable user names. Cyberbullying doesn't discriminate against age, race, or gender.  We constantly see adults lashing out at each other from the privacy of their homes via a public platform.  If adults can be that nasty, it must be ok for kids to do it, right?  

I recently experienced cyberbullying.  My first thought was if we could get these people to change their mindset they could appreciate others for who they are.  My second thought was, that stings.  My second thought stuck with me throughout the day.  Even though I have trained myself to let go of negative situations like this, I'm not immune.  No one is.  It's a daily practice that is not perfect but with the right FYS tools and mindset, I am able to let go of the negative.  That's me, I turned 21, 20+ times now, so I've had time to practice.  What about Gen Z and Gen Alpha?   How do they get through this?

They get through it together. Gen Z and Gen Alpha are the generations who are going to make a difference and change the course of how we communicate with each other.  They have seen and experienced the disconnect and harm.  Together, with your love and support, they will rise to the challenge to be the change they wish to see in this world. 

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