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Are You All In?

If you're like me and saw percentages, you may have just broken out in a sweat. Rest assured, this message isn't about math. The message today is about the life lessons gained from giving 100% of your effort.

What does being all in and giving 100% look like? I can’t give you an exact answer because we are all unique and have our own versions of what it means to give 100%. One way to find out if you are giving 100% is to measure the amount of time and effort you put forth and the level of satisfaction you feel from your efforts. Do you feel as though you are giving the maximum amount of effort? If so, you’ll likely feel a high degree of satisfaction for your efforts. A high degree of effort and time as well as a high degree of satisfaction leads to a feeling of pride over your accomplishments. Pride in your accomplishments boosts your self-confidence. If you don’t feel like you’ve dedicated the appropriate amount of effort (meaning you could have done more), you’ll feel less satisfied and perhaps disappointed with the outcome. This feeling of “meh” is uninspiring and does nothing to bolster self-confidence.

So what happens when you give a ton of time and effort and derive no satisfaction from it? Your self-confidence will not increase. The same goes if you give no effort but feel highly satisfied. Take a look at the Find Your Selfie TESC model below (I know I said no math but bear with me on this graph for visualization purposes) you’ll notice that the more time and effort you give, and the more satisfied you feel for your efforts, the greater boost you will have in self-confidence. The higher each of those touchpoints is for you, the more likely it is that you are giving 100%. When one of those touchpoints isn’t rising, you will not see a boost in self-confidence.

In order for your self-confidence to increase you have to give time and effort and feel satisfied. If something comes easy to you and is satisfying that doesn’t mean it will have a negative impact on your confidence, rather it just won’t boost it to the next level. Alternatively, if you put in a lot of time and effort and derive no satisfaction, your confidence won’t get that boost either. What this is telling you is that that goal may not be a core need or passion of yours as discussed in last week’s newsletter, Finding Motivation. Maybe you just don’t want that thing you are going after and that’s OK. Knowing this bit of information gives you the permission to accept this about yourself! You can move on from it, let it go, and find that thing that leaves you feeling satisfied with all the time and effort you spent.

Your life lesson is that the goal isn't to necessarily achieve what you set out to achieve. Your goal is to be all in and try. If you never really try, you will live in that constant state of “meh,” never knowing your true potential. When you are putting every effort toward something and feel satisfied with what you have done, you are gaining so much more than just that thing you aspire to achieve. You are building a strong foundation of self-confidence that you can continue to build upon for the rest of your life.

The one caveat to this message is that your 100% is a moving target. The lessons learned from your efforts today will transfer into a new starting point tomorrow. Your life experiences, expectations, and responsibilities will be different tomorrow. All you can do is take the present moment in time and ask yourself, was I all in? If you were all in, you are on the right path. If you weren't all in, tomorrow is a new day to try. All you have to do is Find Your Selfie and just Be You.

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